"Without Art there would be no understanding of Beauty,
And without Beauty there would be no understanding of Life."

                                    Peter Lanouette

Peter Lanouette was born December 6, 1947 in New Haven, Ct. He was the second youngest of five sons born to Joseph and Gertrude (Theid) Lanouette.


Peter began to exhibit an affinity for drawing and painting as a child living in North Haven, Ct., and soon found a way to express himself through art that couldn’t be articulated in any other way. He was encouraged by an art teacher while attending Lyman Hall High School., and in 1965, he went on to hone his craft at Silvermine College Of Art, New Canaan, Ct. Upon graduation in 1969, he stayed on as an instructor, combining his love of art with his passion for mentoring other young artists.


In 1972 he moved to Newport, R.I. His prolific paintings and drawings of Newport reflect his love for the natural world and the appreciation for the simple things in his very back yard. Indeed, much of his work depicts his gardens, waterscapes, and village streets. Peter spent several years at Coggeshall School in Newport, as artist in residence and enjoyed sharing his passion for art with the children. He also mentored artists, young and old, relishing the process of engaging the mind and spirit in pursuit of art.


While living in Newport, Peter worked a gamut of colorful jobs—auto body repair, ship painter, housepainter, cab driver, cab dispatcher and Walmart maintenance man. Those various life experiences are often reflected in his work. The jobs kept food on the table but his art kept his soul fed.


A keen observer of life with a penetrating intelligence, Peter recorded his impressions through his art - sometimes with humor and sometimes with sadness but always with honesty. Over his 41 years as an artist he produced a steadily evolving body of vigorously realized work


Peter Lanouette died on July 12, 2006 in his adopted town of Newport, R.I. He was 58 years old. He left a bit of himself in every piece of art he created and in the memory of all who knew him.

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